Facebook To Add Podcasts To Its Platform Next Week

Facebook has been reportedly planning to rolling out podcasts to its social network next week, June 22 to be precise. A corresponding section will appear on the social network, and over time, Facebook plans to implement a function that will allow users to create clips from their favorite shows.


According to an email sent by Facebook to podcast page owners, hosts will be able to link their show’s RSS feed to Facebook. As a result, the social network will generate messages in the users’ news feed as new episodes of the podcast they are interested in are released. Content will show up in the new Podcasts tab.

Content creators who choose to publish their podcasts to Facebook will have to sign an agreement that grants the social network the right to create derivative works that may be needed to distribute the show in certain formats. This may scare off some users who are serious about protecting their intellectual property. Podcast creators can independently decide whether to allow social media users to create cuts of up to one minute. Facebook says it will help increase podcast awareness and engagement.

It is not yet clear by what criteria Facebook defines podcast creator pages. Some users note that they have not received an email from Facebook; although they have been maintaining podcast pages for quite some time.

Podcasts coming to Facebook next week

With the launch of the Podcast service, Facebook appears to be banking on the fact that podcast creators are already using the social network to keep in touch with their listeners and promote shows. Posting to Facebook can help content creators achieve popularity faster. The social network will also benefit as it will be able to keep users on the platform longer.


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