Your Data Will Still Remain Intact Even After Migrating To HarmonyOS 2

Huawei has already started rolling out its HarmonyOS 2 in its home country and earlier today, there were report that the platform is now live on about 10 million devices. In an interview with media representatives in China, company excos revealed a vital information about the upgrade process.

Huawei P40 running HarmonyOS 2.0

When you flash the new firmware on your device, all your data, games, photos and apps will not be lost but carried over to the new environment.

HarmonyOS 2 is in its final rollout stage with A/B testing with current users who signed up for the public beta. Some devices are still on internal beta, but Huawei is optimistic about making quick progress.

Speaking about the move from Android to the HarmonyOS, you will be able to keep even your photos, login info for apps like WeChat, QQ, and other platforms. However, when Huawei AppGallery becomes the main app store, you have to watch out for the applications that are not officially supported and they have to use that for future updates.


The information might be about the Chinese market where Google Services were banned a long time ago, though. Those using GMS-packing Huawei phones in overseas markets will certainly see some apps lose partial functionality or even being unable to run on HarmonyOS altogether.

Meanwhile we also learned that Honor smartphones that were launched before the split of the brand will keep receiving updates and will eventually get the option to migrate to HarmonyOS, but the Huawei execs did not reveal any timeline whatsoever.


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