A Fast Charge Technology That Can Charge Lithium Batteries Within 10 minutes Discovered

The world keeps advancing, and fast charge technology is taking a new dimension. For instance, Xiaomi recently shows off hypercharge technology that can charge a smartphone from 0 – 100% in 8 min.

Low battery

A university professor Rachid Yazami, has developed a fast charge technology that can fully charge lithium batteries within 10 minutes.

Professor Yazami claimed that his company has realized the world’s fastest lithium battery fast charging technology. According to his report, the charging capacity is seven times faster than Tesla’s fast charging.

The traditional charging method adopts constant current charging. The charging circuit controls the current at the very beginning, and it switches to constant voltage charging towards the end of the charging process.

However, one of the major drawbacks of fast charge technology is that it affects battery life, which the professor acknowledges and expressed his hope to extend the life of lithium batteries through his own technology.


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