These Are The Top 20 Apps Killing Your Smartphone Battery

A recent research has revealed that the some apps deem pretty important to most people tends to pose great danger to their smartphone battery. These apps kills the battery slowly until it’s finally lifeless.

apps on a Windows phone

The research used the 3 factors to determine the worst 100 apps you shouldn’t install on your smartphone.

  • Which built-in functions each app ran in the background – like locations or camera
  • The percentage of battery each app used
  • Whether the app supported dark mode

By combining these three factors, the cloud service was able to identify the worst smartphone battery killers.

According to the discovery, Fitbit and Verizon accounted for the highest battery percentage usage. Notably, these allowed 14 of the 16 built-in capabilities to operate in the background.

Fitbit, Uber, Skype, and Facebook are among the worst apps for your smartphone battery, and it is advisable you uninstall them.

These Are The Apps Killing Your Smartphone Battery
Image Credit: PCloud

20 Worst Apps Killing Your Smartphone Battery

Position App Battery percentage
1 Fitbit 92%
2 Verizon 92%
3 Uber 87%
4 Skype 87%
5 Facebook 82%
6 Airbnb 82%
7 Bigo Live 82%
8 Instagram 79%
9 Tinder 77%
10 Bumble 77%
11 Snapchat 77%
12 WhatsApp 77%
13 Zoom 77%
14 YouTube 77%
15 77%
16 Amazon 77%
17 Telegram 77%
18 Grindr 72%
19 Likke 72%
20 LinkedIn 72%


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