Telegram and WhatsApp Fights Dirty On Twitter

Since the introduction of its controversial policy, alternatives to WhatsApp has been gaining more attention and gaining more subscribers. In this light, Telegram and WhatsApp has decided to be taken on each others.

Telegram vs WhatsApp

Telegram tweeted the below, indicating that the WhatsApp platform is not safe because Apple and Google can see user’s messages from the backup: and for the very first time, WhatsApp replied to the tweet.

However, a Twitter user who is also a developer responded to the tweet claiming Apple and Google cannot see the content of our messages because the database is encrypted.

However, it is important to note that when a backup is encrypted using end-to-end, WhatsApp protects it using your own password, which’s not shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple, and Google. This feature will be available in a future update and will protect your backup from unauthorized access.

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