Snapchat’s Monthly Active Users Exceeds 500 million

Snap has announced that it now has over 500 million active users in a month on the Snapchat platform. With this announcement, the company’s shares also rose in price by 5%.

This is a major accomplishment for Snap, bearing in mind that the company ditched Facebook’s multibillion-dollar investment in 2017 trying to acquire the service. This is the first time Snap will be releasing the number of monthly active users. The company focused more on its daily user base; which reached 280 million in April this year, up 22% from a year ago.

Furthermore, Snap announced a number of new features that will soon be available to Snapchat users. We are talking about tools that are built on the basis of augmented reality technologies. Users will be able to browse catalogs of clothes from different manufacturers; and carry out a virtual fitting of the things they like using the camera of a mobile device.

In addition to clothing, users will be able to see how watches, bracelets or other jewelry will look on their wrist. In addition, Snapchat will allow you to use the camera to scan the clothes of friends and acquaintances in order to search in stores for similar items that can be purchased. The developers also announced less significant innovations that will become available to users of the service gradually.


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