Google is set to release new major features to its Google Messages app. The once exclusive app for Google devices which is now available in the Play Store for everyone constantly gets updates to offer users plenty of features in order to improve their conversations. According to a new APK teardown of the Google messages App v8.1.050, Google is preparing to bring on two new features – the ability to pin message threads to the top and the ability to star specific messages.

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Pinned Messages And Starred Messages Features Coming To Messages Soon

As usual, APK teardowns are good to give us a sneak-peek into new and upcoming features that developers are working on before they roll widely to all users. The latest update for Google Messages will reveal the two new features we’ve mentioned above.

Pinned Messages And Starred Messages Features Coming To Messages Soon

The first will give users the ability to pin messages to the top of the chat list. According to the current code, the feature will allow users to pin up to three messages to the top. However, since the number that can be pinned is variable, Google may change the number of pinned messages for the final release.

Pinned Messages And Starred Messages Features Coming To Messages Soon 1


When it comes to the second feature, it will give users the ability to star specific messages. A feature like this one is available on Gmail where you can mark some e-mails with a star to easily check them back via the “Starred” menu. This new feature in Messages suggests that Google will introduce the ability to search specifically for these starred messages later. It looks there will be a star badge to indicate starred messages too. Worth noting that both features are currently in development, and there is no mention of when they will become available.

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Google probably will reveal these features quietly, all of sudden. The company may keep improving the Messages experience in the coming months. Moreover, we wouldn’t be surprised by a major overhaul in design. After all, the company introduced Material You with Android 12. We expect most of its stock applications to start complying with the new design guidelines and also adopt the newer animations within the next updates.

Since Allo is basically a flop, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google transforming Message on its major messaging app.

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