iPhone 13 Pro Max Prototype Appears In A Video

Lewis Hilsenteger, a famous YouTuber and author of channel Unbox Therapy, has revealed what he described as a genuine iPhone 13 Pro Max mockup. If it is true, then the successor to the iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t have much change if compared to its predecessor – except that it could be bit thicker, features larger rear cameras and a smaller notch.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Prototype

Please note that it is impossible to verify the authenticity of the prototype because the creator of the video claimed that the Prototype he’s holding is an iPhone 13 Pro Max mockup. Apparently, this is just a model to demonstrate the exterior. The device will offer flat side faces and a Lightning port.

To test the credibility of the rumor about minimizing the notch; the blogger measured it and he got 26.31 mm in length versus 34.62 mm in its predecessor. This is achieved by shifting the speaker up.

The main visual difference is the camera. The lenses have become larger, and the platform with them protrudes more above the body. If the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 14.1 mm thick at the camera; then the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 16.99 mm thick.

The latest rumors also support the possibility that the Pro versions of the iPhone 13 will get LTPO OLED displays; with a refresh rate of 120Hz. They will be produced and supplied to Apple by Samsung. And the South Korean company will be the exclusive supplier of panels for the Pro versions of the next generation iPhone.

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