Instagram Will Soon Allow You Send 2FA Codes To Your WhatsApp Account

Facebook seems to be working on a new security feature for its photo-sharing platform, Instagram. This is all about the two-factor authentication. Talking about security, the 2FA method has widely been adopted since its initial release. Instagram also provides multiple ways to implement the 2FA method on your account. The app allows you to use 2FA through an authenticator app, text message, login request, and backup codes.


Well, it appears Instagram is introducing a new way to enable two-factor authentication to the already available list.

Instagram To Soon Allow Users Send 2FA Codes To WhatsApp Account

Facebook will soon allow you to send 2FA codes to you WhatsApp account, according to a popular leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. The leaker has also posted screenshots showcasing the feature. As you can see, there’s a WhatsApp option now under the list of ‘How You Get Authentication Codes’. The description mentions that you need to first enable SMS and then the code will arrive on your WhatsApp. Of course, you will need to connect your WhatsApp account to Instagram to make use of this upcoming feature.

Of course, this feature is going to be optional so if you have any concern over privacy, you can decide to stay away from it. The feature is currently in the development stage meaning there’s no clue as to when it will make its way to the Android or iOS app. It would be interesting to see how well the feature will be received whenever it goes official. Personally, I would still prefer to use my authenticator app over getting 2FA codes on WhatsApp.

More Features Coming to Instagram

Apart from this, Facebook is also working on an improved user experience for Instagram on the web. The new redesign will allow users to post photos and videos from the web version of the platform. Well, these are something that you can not do as of now.

Apart from that, other features such as cropping the image, applying filters, setting up a description, and more are also coming. Basically, we’re looking at the same user experience of post creation that you get on mobile apps.


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