Google Brings Entertainment Space To Android Tablets

Android tablets still have great hope. Last year, Google announced Kids Space, a special mode on Android tablets designed for kids. The dedicated mode brings together all the fun things for kids such as books, games, and videos to one place. Now, the search giant has announced Entertainment Space which can be simply described as Kids Space for older members of the family.

Google announces Entertainment Space for Android tablets

Entertainment Space brings together your movies and shows, streaming services, books, recommended YouTube videos, and games. There are three tabs which are listed below:

Watch Tab – this has movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos. Users will be able to find what to watch, rent or buy movies from Google TV, and resume movies and shows they were watching.

Google Entertainment Space for Android tablets Watch Tab

If you don’t know what to watch, Google says there is a recommendation row that curates content from google TV, Twitch, Hulu, and several other services.

Games Tab – you will find your favorite games here. This tab also has new games for you to discover, some of which support instant play so you can play them right away without the need to download them.

Google Entertainment Space for Android tablets Games Tab

Read Tab – this tab is for book lovers and it brings together all of your books including audiobooks. Google mentions free previews for some books before you commit to buying them. There is also a recommendation row based on current trends as well as discounted books.

Google Entertainment Space for Android tablets Read Tab

Entertainment space will make its debut this month on Walmart’s Onn tablets. It will then be made available globally later this year for select Android tablets made by Samsung, Lenovo, Sharp, and more.

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