WhatsApp Is Working On Chat History Migration Between Android And iOS

WhatsApp is one of the most used in the world and to keep it that way, there is a need for constant development and the addition of better services. Speaking storage, the messaging app still locally stores chat records. Although it provides official backup, it is currently unable to synchronize between iOS and Android devices. But this is about to change with the new development that WhatsApp is working on.


According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is developing a cross-platform chat history migration function. This feature will allow users to migrate their chat history from one platform to another. If you are on iOS and want to move to Android, your chat history will move with you. This is a really cool and important feature because people move across platforms more than we can imagine. 

WhatsApp is working on cross platform chat migration

According to WhatsApp, the main issue for enabling the feature is “difference in data formats” – backups on Android go to Google Drive, while Apple users have their chats on iCloud.

We just hope that it won’t take forever to see this resolved and being able to migrate without losing all the precious photos and chats.

WhatsApp is not going to be the first social messaging application to developed a cross-platform migration feature. Presently, popular Chinese social app, WeChat, uses local storage to save user chat records. However, the application has developed a cross-platform chat record migration function. Android users can use it in “Settings” -> “Chat” -> “Chat History Backup and Migration”. For iOS users, they can access this feature in “Settings” -> “General” -> “Chat History Backup and Migration”. use.


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