Sony Working On Mobile Versions Of its Popular PlayStation Game Franchises

Authoritative video games website Eurogamer has discovered that Sony is hiring an executive at the PlayStation Studios that would drive the development of some of its popular PlayStation game franchises into mobile games with the same quality and appeal as the original game.

Sony to develop mobile versions of its popular PlayStation game franchises

The new head of the mobile team is likely to have a three to five-year mandate to develop and transform some of the highly successful PlayStation games into mobile applications with commercial viability and widespread acceptance.

The game console manufacturer, Sony has previously made moves to provide mobile versions of its popular games on the PlayStation console to target a larger audience of gaming enthusiasts. However, it has not been a wholly successful project so far. The Xperia Play, a PlayStation phone that could have been a huge hit if it had come at this time, flopped commercially after its launch.

The economic outlook for future mobile PlayStation games franchises looks bright, as it is bound to reach a wider audience, and provide greater revenues for Sony through in-app game purchases. However, there are formidable hurdles in the execution of a mobile gaming strategy. The new mobile executive at Sony PlayStation Studios is to lead the charge to develop the application to adapt to a mobile application without losing the quality and appeal that would encourage gaming fans to explore the gaming experience via their smartphones.

Sony is a leading manufacturer of game consoles and has developed a few highly successful game franchises over the years. The current high-end Sony games console is the PlayStation 5, with many exciting and compelling features that provide an overall engaging gaming experience for users.

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