Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 May Come With Smaller Outer Screen

Rumor has it the next gen foldable handset from Samsung will feature a smaller 5.4 inch secondary display on the outside, which will have a resolution of 2260x816px. While the resolution of the new device is the same as the previous iteration, it is noticeably smaller than the Galaxy Z Fold2‘s outer display that measured 6.23 inches. Though, we could be talking about another version, and the leak might have tried to imply 6.4 inches.

Galaxy Z Fold3 will be Samsung first phone with under display cam

In addition, the rumor also revealed the size of the primary display, which is 7.7 inches. This marks a slight growth from 7.6 inches from the inner screen of the previous generation.

So, it makes more sense that the outer display’s size would also be increased. Apart from the Galaxy Z Fold3, it seems that Samsung is also sourcing a folding panel for its Z Flip3 handset. This device is said to arrive with a 8.8 inch inner screen and a 1.9 inch outer display.

Additionally, the list also includes devices from other Chinese smartphone makers as well. Huawei is reportedly working on a Mate X2 device with BOE for both its inner (8 inch) and outer panel (6.5 inch).

Meanwhile, Oppo and vivo will sport Samsung Display made primary screens and secondary panels from BOE. On other hand, Xiaomi’s first foldable handset, the Mi MIX Fold has a mix of suppliers ranging from Samsung Display and TCL CSOT for the inner display and CSOT solely for the outer one.


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