Netflix Introduces ‘Play Something’ Feature To All Users

Most Netflix finds it uneasy to pick a movie they want to watch except they already have a specific movie in mind before launching the Netflix app.

Netflix Play Something Button introduced

However, to help you decide what to watch whenever you logged on to the platform, Netflix has introduced a feature called “Play something”. It is aimed at solving indecision some users encounter during content selection, and also keeps user in the Netflix app for a while.

On clicking the “Play Something”, Netflix will choose a series or film from their library for the user to watch, based on the user’s watch history. If the user does not like Netflix’s first choice, they can then click the “Play Something Else” button. Netflix will then select content from the following:

Netflix Play Something Button

  • A brand new series or film,
  • A series or film you’re already watching,
  • A series or film on your list, or
  • An unfinished series or film you may want to revisit.

The “Play Something” can be found in three places in their apps, which includes:

  • Underneath your profile name
  • The tenth row on your Netflix homepage
  • The navigation menu on the left of the screen

The success of this feature will depend on how good Netflix’s selection is based on the user’s watch history.

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