“My Huawei” App Goes Official – Services, Malls and Other Features

Huawei has been doing all its best to offer more services to its remaining customers globally. Back in January at the Huawei Pollen Annual Meeting, a top executive, He Gang, announced that the company will launch the “My Huawei” App soon. And Today, reports have it that the “My Huawei” App is now live on the Huawei App Market.


According to the official, the “My Huawei” App integrates original independent apps. Some of these apps include the Pollen Club, Huawei services, gameplay skills, and membership center. However, the new Honor V40 series already comes with the “My Honor” app. This is simply the same “My Huawei” App but after the sales of Honor, the name had to change to “Honor”.

Introduction of My Huawei App

My Huawei-aims to provide fast, rich, and high-quality one-stop service for Huawei users. Incorporating rich functions such as services, gameplay skills, Huawei academy, nearby stores, shopping, etc. It is also a one-stop service platform for users and a full-scenario smart life experience platform for Huawei.

  • Intimate Service

One-click search for nearby stores, online appointments, and smart detection. It also offers one-stop services in the “My Huawei” app

  • Playing Skills

Quickly master the gameplay skills and experience the characteristics of the device at one stop. The master of the game player in seconds is also in “My Huawei”.

  • Genuine Purchase

Huawei’s full-scenario products, selected pieces and new/authentic products can also be purchased at “My Huawei”.

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