Here’s A New Message Spreading On WhatsApp, Stay Away Or Get Hacked

WhatsApp is one of the popular targets for cybercriminals. A new scam is spreading on the platform and this new scam is different from previous ones. We have seen many dangerous scams in the past. Mostly these messages are phishing attacks that take your login data, and now a majority of people are aware of these hacks. But the latest one is far more dangerous, as it comes from your own contact.


Imagine getting a message from a friend or even your own family member. Not only you will be excited to see what the message is but also trust it as it comes from your own contact. But this message is not an ordinary message, and it can be used to hack you. You will first get an SMS text with a code and a link. Then you will receive a message from your contact asking what is the code you received in the SMS text. And if you send the code, your WhatsApp will be hacked.

How This New WhatsApp Scam Works

Now you must be wondering, how was the hacker able to get access to your contact’s account?

Well, it’s because they have been hacked with the same method. To login to your WhatsApp, there is not an email nor a password. WhatsApp sends an OTP code to your phone number, and that’s how it verifies your identity. If someone else has this OTP code, then they can access your account and can use it to scam your contacts, including family members and friends.

Here is A New Scam Spreading On WhatsApp

How To Prevent This New WhatsApp Scam

If you received a message from your contact asking for an OTP (One Time Password), then first of all don’t panic. Contact the person through phone call and tell them that their WhatsApp has been hacked. They should immediately log in to their account, and this will kick out the hacker.

Secondly, turn on the 2-factor authentication on your WhatsApp account. If you turn on the 2FA, then you can enter a custom pin that you will have to enter to log in to your account. This will make your account more secure.

Also, make sure to share this article with friends and family as this scam is at the peak, and it is important to be aware of these scams.


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