Xiaomi Announces New Logo and Brand Identity

During its Mega March launch event, Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix Fold which brings impressive hardware. It’s pretty surprising that the company’s foldable smartphone is ready to hit the shelves in the next month. Besides the new smartphone, the company also decided to announce a new Xiaomi logo and a new “Alive” branding identity designed by Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara.

Xiaomi unveils new logo and brand identity

Hold your breath since this change isn’t a ground-breaking one. It basically drops the square orange frame in favor of a new frame with rounded edges. Furthermore, there is new typography for the “Xiaomi” word that adds a more aesthetically pleasing look to the company’s name next to the logo. According to Xiaomi, the new logo has been changed as it wanted a more agile look to its brand identity and one which symbolizes its agile nature heading into the next decade.

The company certainly is keen to start a new phase in 2021 through the release of its new smartphones and the entrance in the market of electric cars.


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