N-Power Batch C NASIMS Registration Portal, FAQs, Test, Fixing Errors

A lot of questions and challenges surrounds the new N-Power Batch C portal accessible via nasim.gov.ng some of which are unable to access the portal, receive a link to update their details, unable to upload their documents. Or Perhaps you successfully logged in but you are seeing another person’s details.

N Power Batch C Nasims Registration Portal FAQ

We’ll try as much as we can to provide answers to some of your questions below;

Frequently Asked Question Regarding N-Power NASIMs Portal

I applied before but I don’t know how to access the new portal.


  • Go to https://nasims.gov.ng/ click on login, Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  • Enter your N-POWER application email
  • Click on “Send Link”
  • Check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password. Then login again.

I am not receiving a link in my email to reset my password

Ans: Check your spam folder, if you still can’t find the link, be patient as the link will be sent across to you.

I am trying to Validate my BVN but getting BVN not found

Ans: Check your BVN number again and make sure that it is correctly entered

How do I get the NASMINS ID to enable me to write the test?

Ans: Kindly refer to the NPVN you were allotted

I was not able to reset my password, getting an incorrect password token provided

Ans: send yourself another password reset link and reset your password again.

I have successfully reset my password and can easily access my dashboard, but when trying to validate or update my profile, it shows: BVN details not found

Ans: Kindly enter your correct BVN in the space provided, then validate it

I am finding it difficult taking the test it says “update your details from the self-service portal”

Ans: Try again much later at night or very early in the morning

Please I can’t submit my details it keeps giving me error messages

Ans: Try again much later at night or very early in the morning

I’m receiving a response that my account has been blocked, that I should “Contact support for more information”

Ans: In this case, you may have violated the test terms, kindly contact support

I am getting BVN has been used already while trying to validate my BVN.

Ans: Logout of the portal, and log in again, then try to re-validate it

I have been able to log in and upload documents, but I can’t submit them, it’s not going from there

Ans: Try to do it again later at night or very early in the morning

I log in to my dashboard to update my personal information, and another name is coming out

Ans: Go back and revalidate your BVN. Make sure you use your BVN

While taking the test, my ISP network crashed and my page refreshed, I was unable to complete and submit the test and was told I was blocked, kindly help

Ans: In this case, you have violated the test terms, you need to contact support

Showing errors whenever  I try to upload documents

Ans: Make sure your doc is not more than 300KB. If it is more than, kindly resize it and re-upload it again.

Note: if you are taking the test, and your network disappear and come back again, your account will be blocked. Just make sure you have a strong network before taking the test.

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