Google Chrome For Android 64-bit Only Available For 8GB RAM Phones and Above

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on almost all platforms. However, the Android version of the browser has got the 64-bit variant only now. However, unfortunately, it is available for few users.

Googoe chrome for Android

Last week, Google published a blog detailing the performance improvements in Chrome 89 for Android. In the same post, the tech giant mentioned the eligible devices for the latest 64-bit variant of the browser.

As reported by Android Police, Google Chrome for Android 64-bit will require a minimum of 8GB RAM and Android 10. In other words, this version of Chrome is only available for flagship and premium mid-range smartphones. Hence, millions of mid-range and budget Android users are left out.

Even Google’s own Pixel smartphones don’t come with 8GB RAM except for the Pixel 5. Previously, this amount of RAM was only found in gaming smartphones and select top-end premium flagship smartphones. But now, there are many mid-premium handsets with 8GB RAM. Most of these phones come from Chinese OEMs.

Anyway, since Android smartphones let users install applications from external sources, interested users can try installing Chrome 64-bit APK from reliable websites like APKMirror.

However, it is worth noting that if your device doesn’t match the eligibility criteria, the 64-bit variant of Chrome will be replaced by the 32-bit variant whenever a new Chrome update arrives on the Google Play Store. Hence, those users will have to manually install the 64-bit variant APK with each new update.

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