Donald Trump To Launch His Own Social Network

Donald Trump is planning to introduce his own social media network according to a report since Facebook and Twitter kicked him out of theirs some time ago.

Donald Trump

Trump aide Jason Miller told Fox News that the former President will be back with a new social media platform  in two to three months from now that will “completely redefine the game.”

The aide didn’t give any specific details about it but insisted it will attract tens of millions of people even though Trump has once hinted about it.

Donald Trump known to be a prolific user of Twitter was kicked out of the platform in January; Twitter claimed he was inciting violence after supporters invaded the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

Deadline noted that Stripe stopped its service to Trump’s campaign website and fundraising efforts, and Shopify took down online stores affiliated with him following the US Capitol riot, and major cloud providers like Amazon or Microsoft, and Google might be reluctant to provide support given accusations that Trump spurred Capitol violence.

Eventually, Trump will definitely have his way even if it will mean relying on foreign service providers.

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    Greetings or Evening.I,really like what Trump is doing and I wish him Good Luck. Thanks.

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