Clubhouse: New Update Now Allows Users To Invite Friends Without Opening Contacts

Clubhouse, an audio social application, is yet to be opened for users to do direct registration. To join this platform, others need to send an invitation. However, when inviting other users to join, Clubhouse needs to obtain the contact book permissions of the mobile phone system. Many users are not comfortable with this aspect of Clubhouse. It raises a lot of privacy concerns.


However, a latest update from Clubhouse has taken care of this concern. This update allows users to enter the phone number of their friends to send invitations. This is different from the previous pattern that will allow the app to read the phones’ contact. When the user enters the invitation interface, he can see that there is an additional area for entering a phone number at the top. Users who do not want to open the address book permission can also directly enter the phone number here to invite others.

Clubhouse invitation

Prior to this, some users who agreed with Clubhouse’s approach speculated that the app might have done so to prevent the invitee from not being a real friend of the user. However, at present, you still need to use a phone number to join Clubhouse. After you get an invitation, you can bind your mailbox. It does not provide a way to register directly through your mailbox.

In addition to the above changes, this update of Clubhouse also added a language filtering function, allowing users to filter “rooms” in specific languages.

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