Telegram has updated its messenger to the latest version 7.5, and it brings a lot of improvements which includes auto-delete messages, Home screen widgets for both Android and iOS, expiring link invites and of course, more animated emoji.

Telegram Update Brings Auto Delete Widgets and Expiring Invite Links

Table of Interests

Auto Delete

The new auto delete features allows users to set up auto-deletion of messages for any particular chat. Users can choose between 24 hours or 7 days and any message sent after the timer is set will be deleted for everyone. As expected, for groups and channels, only admins can enable or modify the timer.

Home Screen Widget

You can now set up Home screen widgets for the app on both Android and iOS. There are two widgets offered – a chat Widget, which will show all the recent chats, and a Shortcuts Widget, where only names and profile pictures will be shown.

Expiring Link Invite

Link invites can now be configured to only be active for a limited duration,  number of uses, or both, and they can also be converted to scannable QR codes for easy sharing.


Invite Link

Any invite link can be converted into a scannable QR Code to put on everything from brochures to billboards.

Groups with Unlimited Members

Telegram groups allow up to 200,000 members to exchange messages, media and stickers. Groups that are close to the limit can now convert into Broadcast Groups that allow unlimited members. You can read more on the update here.

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To get these new features, simply head to the PlayStore to get the latest Telegram app.



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