Which Sony is faced with pressure in meeting the surging demands for its next-gen gaming console, the company has announced its sales so far. It has sold about 4.5 million units of the PlayStation 5 since its launch. The company also reported that it had the best fiscal quarter in the history of its gaming business as revenues went up by 40% when compared to its revenue figure in the previous year.

Sony PlayStation 5 Price Is Official

The Tokyo-based company released its consolidated financial statement for the third quarter of 2020 today, and in that report, Sony revealed that it sold over 4.5 million PS5 consoles that match the PS4 sales figure when it launched back in 2013. As a result, the company was able to earn more than 883.2 billion yen which translates to $8.4 billion in revenues from its gaming business.

Fiscal Q3 2019
(in JPY million / USD million)
Fiscal Q3 2020
(in JPY million / USD million)
Sales 113,500 / 1,080 111,061 / 1,056 (2.2%)
Operating profit 6,965 / 66 21,292 / 202 206%

Now, if you are unaware, after launching the PlayStation 5 in the market, Sony had to meet the unprecedented demand for the console. The company was initially unable to keep up with the supplies and faced backlashes from purchasing customers. At one point, Sony’s CEO Jim Ryan stated that the PS5 stocks were completely sold out.

However, the company, despite these supply issues and backlashes, still managed to deliver the said number of PS5 units to customers during the holiday season. Sony dominated most of the markets in the world, reportedly selling twice the number of PS5 units as its competitor from Microsoft.

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