Microsoft and Samsung are long time partners. Recently, both had extended the partnership for further digital transformation in real estate and property management. Now, Korean giant is bringing its services to Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform as a report by ALumia says Quick Share, Samsung Free, and Samsung O are coming to the Microsoft store.

Samsung Quick Share

Samsung Quick Share

The mobile Quick Share feature launched a year ago with the launch of the flagship Galaxy S20 line. It’s very similar to Apple’s AirDrop and lets you quickly transfer files directly between Galaxy devices over Wi-Fi.

SAMSUNG LAUNCHES A SIMILAR FEATURE TO AIRDROP FOR SMARTPHONES AND WINDOWS 10Now Samsung and Microsoft are working on a corresponding application that will make Quick Share available on Windows 10 and will allow users quickly exchange data between their computer and Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Samsung O and Samsung Free


Now talking about the two other Windows 10 apps. Samsung Free is the successor to Samsung Daily and offers TV, news, and games all in one place. The mysterious app Samsung O still looks like a clone of Samsung Free, and details about it are unknown. We can only say with certainty that such an application is being tested by Samsung.

Samsung Free for windows 10

The exact timing for the release of these applications are yet to be unknown.


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