Before now, most of our phones comes with to 60Hz display refresh rate, then comes the 90Hz. Later some OEMs stepped up to 120Hz, and yet others pushed as high as 144Hz, like display on the Xiaomi Mi 10T and 10T Pro. Honestly, 90Hz is smooth enough, especially when talking about what your eyes can notice under real life usage. But some OEMs thinks it could even be better and higher as far as display refresh rate is concern.

Red Magic 6 tipped to have a higher screen refresh rate than 144Hz

And now, according to a Weibo’s top tech tipster, the upcoming nubia Red Magic 6 Pro might be the first smartphone to go beyond 144Hz mark set by the Mi 10T-series. According to him, the Red Magic 6 Pro will debut with a whooping 165Hz refresh rate, and probably the first in the industry.

Red Magic 6 Pro To Have 165Hz Refresh Rate

While this sound interesting, it is important to note that there are more to smartphone display than how fast and smooth the screen scrolls. The most important part of a phone’s display to many users aside color vibrancy is the brightness. For me, some even like it large, vibrant and bright more than how smooth it scrolls.

The recent E4 AMOLED screen from Samsung, same display tech used on the Xiaomi Mi 11 is a most welcome move that need more attention and improvement than higher refresh rate, especially in the arear of power consumption segment; but we’ll just wait to see what ZTE and Nubia can offer on the Red Magic 6 Pro.


4500mAh battery

A recent rumor also suggests that the device will come with 4500 non-removable battery.

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