Microsoft boasts amazing products including its Office software. The Redmond-based company later entered the hardware market with its Surface series laptops (and not only). But there has always been one product that this company was cursed for. That’s the Internet Explorer browser. As you remember, there was a meme, saying ‘Internet Explorer is a browser for downloading other browsers.’ Anyways, everything changed with the Microsoft Edge. Every day, this browser gets better and better.

Microsoft Edge

Child Mode In Microsoft Edge browser

Recently, Microsoft added a child mode to Microsoft Edge. When switching to this mode, child-friendly content appears on the home page. Users can customize the browser theme and browse according to the permission list.

Microsoft Edge Gets Child Mode With Customizable Features 2

The child mode is mainly to prevent children from accidentally accessing messy or unsafe content on the Internet. After entering this mode, in addition to the above functions, the default value of Bing SafeSearch will automatically switch to Strict. If necessary, you can also enter the device password to exit the child mode. This mode does not require the user to create a child account or personal information.

Any Edge user can choose to switch to child mode without logging in. But if you choose to log in, you can synchronize the settings of child mode on all devices. In addition, there are two age groups in the child mode: 5-8 years old and 9 years old or older. The browser will provide different content and themes according to different age groups.


Microsoft Edge Gets Child Mode With Customizable Features

Currently child mode only supports American English, as well as Windows and macOS operating systems.

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