In a bid to make its platform more like the popular TikTok, Instagram is working on bringing a new way for users to swipe through stories. The feature called “Vertical Stories” aims to help users browse through stories with vertical swipes instead of horizontal ones and taps. The company, who recently added the new “Recently Deleted” feature for its app, has confirmed the development of the said feature.

Instagram Is Working on a New Vertical Stories Feature To Take On TikTok

Now, vertical swiping for consuming content was not that popular amongst users before TikTok came in. However, with the app gaining massive popularity amongst users, companies have started copying its features.

The feature was discovered by a developer, who was able to dig up the Vertical Stories feature from Instagram’s source code. Of course, since it isn’t still live, we can’t see it in action yet.

Following the discovery, Techcrunch reached out to Instagram to comment on the story to which a spokesperson from the company confirmed that it is legit.


“This is an early prototype and is not currently testing on Instagram,” said the Instagram spokesperson.

So, as you can guess, the Facebook-owned social media platform wants to give its users a TikTok-like feed for browsing stories. It is similar to how Reels work where you have to swipe up or down to browse through the short videos.

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