In the face of fierce competition from the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Apple battling hard to top the smartphone manufacturers’ ranking. In fact, for several quarters, it trailed behind Samsung and Huawei globally. Since 2016, the American manufacturing giant has not been the top phone maker globally.

iPhone 13 renders

However, the company seems to be getting its mojo back. With Huawei out of the way as a result of the U.S. ban, Apple is left with just Samsung to contend with. According to a recent Gartner report, Apple is currently the largest smartphone vendor worldwide, at least as of Q4 2020.

According to the report, iPhone sales in Q4 2020 hit 80 million units. Many thanks to Apple’s loyal fans who patiently waited for Apple’s first 5G phones even though they were at least a year behind the competition. Senior Research Director at Gartner, Anshul Gupta, said…

“Even as consumers remained cautious in their spending and held off on some discretionary purchases, 5G smartphones and pro-camera features encouraged some end users to purchase new smartphones or upgrade their current smartphones in the quarter.”

Apple iPhone 11

Market data shows that Apple’s iPhone market share soared by about 15% year-on-year. Last year, it sold about 70 million iPhones in Q4 2020. This is 10 million units less than its current performance. As for Samsung, its market share plunged by 11.8%. As of Q4 2019, Samsung sold 8 million more devices relative to this year.



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