Back in 2019, Microsoft launched a ChromeOS-like variant of Windows called Windows 10X with the unveiling of the now-postponed Surface Neo back in 2019. Since then, various rumors, leaks, and reports surrounding this new OS keeps popping up. Now, a couple of screenshots show off that the new system bodes well with mobile devices too, apart from working on desktops, tablets, and dual-screen devices.

Windows 10X On A Nokia Lumia 950 XL

Now, what’s impressive is that Twitter user Gustavo Monce has modified the leaked Windows 10X build and managed to install it on a Nokia Lumia 950XL. This Lumia device was unveiled by Nokia way back in 2015. However, upon installing the Windows 10X build on the device, Monce reported that he got some pretty good results.

The new OS was able to perfectly scale itself to fit the Lumia 950XL’s 5.7-inch screen. All the new elements of the software like the redesigned taskbar and the new quick-settings panel looked pretty well with the icons and buttons placed perfectly in their places. You can check Monce’s tweet right below:


As per Monce, Windows 10X responded positively to the smaller form-factor device and could work well with Surface Duo. However, he also stated that the OS still needs a ton of under-the-hood changes to make it more efficient and usable on devices in the future. And considering Microsoft’s quality of developing the new OS, we expect it to be much more stable when it finally releases officially.

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