Recently, it was Signal that is trying to woo WhatsApp’s users to its side, copying several features from WhatsApp. Now, it’s the turn of Telegram to do something.

Telegram Now Allows You To Import WhatsApp Chats

Telegram has silently released a new update that allows to move your chat history from other apps, including WhatsApp. With Telegram having the knowledge of how users care about their chat history on WhatsApp, they decided to offer a migration tool.

How It Works

It’s very simple: you have to export your chats from WhatsApp from the chat actions:

After selecting Telegram from the iOS Share Sheet, Telegram will ask where you want to import messages to. You can choose your own chat (saved messages), a new group or any other chat!

Telegram Now Allows You To Import WhatsApp Chats 1


After the process is done, your messages and media (if you chose to attach media from WhatsApp) will be visible in the chat you chose:

Imported messages are marked as Imported. On previous Telegram versions, imported messages are marked as Forwarded. Migrating group chats is supported too.

Telegram Now Allows You To Import WhatsApp Chats 2

Note that Telegram informs that messages were imported from another app, so they can’t guarantee they are real (seen that another user might modify the exported chat before importing it to Telegram).

Telegram Now Allows You To Import WhatsApp Chats 3

This has been an interesting move against WhatsApp. How will WhatsApp react? It must be said that WhatsApp might respond to this affront offering other new features, thus favoring all WhatsApp users.

The feature is available today on Telegram Messenger for iOS, available on the App Store. An update for Android should be planned very soon.

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