In its traditional annual report recently published, BankMyCell website highlighted the rate of decrease in the price of smartphones after purchase.

Galaxy and iphone
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The service is popular for comparison of prices within the framework of trade-in programs for exchanging old phones for new ones with a surcharge.

Prices Of Android Smartphones After Purchase Drop Twice As Fast As Those Of iPhone

Price Of Android Smartphone After Purchase Drop

As it turned out, in the first 12 months, Android smartphones lose twice as much of their value as the iPhone – 33.62% versus 16.70%. Two years after purchase, the price of Android is down 61.50% on average, while the price of the iPhone is down 35.70% on average. For four years, on average, the Android smartphone is cheaper by 81.11%, and the iPhone – by 66.43%.

Price Of Android Smartphone After Purchase Drop 1

As for individual brands, HTC, Motorola and Sony became the leaders in the rate of price reduction in the first year – by 53.08%, 42.57% and 39.51%. The slowest are iPhone and, oddly enough, LG and Nokia.


The flagships Apple and Samsung fell in price like this:


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