Windows 10X Leaks In A Video, How It Works On Inexpensive Devices

Microsoft announced Windows 10X back in 2019 as an operating system designed for use on dual-screen devices. Then last year, the company changed direction and announced that the operating system would be coming to single-screen devices.

Windows 10X designed for low cost devices

Before the release, an almost final working build of the operating system was leaked on the Web, which allowed users to install it and try it out. Windows Central website has published a long video showing us how the operating system works on a PC. The video demonstrates the new interface of the operating system, which we previously saw only in the screenshots.

Windows 10X has an updated interface, starting with its most distinctive feature – an updated taskbar. On the taskbar, icons have been moved to the center, and the Start menu is now completely redesigned. Windows 10X also has a new Action Center with redesigned shortcuts. Windows 10X received a highly simplified file manager, the operating system launches all applications in full-screen mode.

The Windows 10X is a lite version of Windows that shouldn’t replace Windows 10 on desktops. It is designed for inexpensive laptops and tablets. The biggest problem with this version will be that it doesn’t support legacy Windows apps yet, which means you’re limited to Microsoft Store and web apps.

Windows 10X is expected to be available as a pre-installed OS on devices planned to launch later this year.

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