Samsung has announced its Game Driver app which is expected to improve the graphical performance of its Galaxy devices. The application makes use of Google’s GPU Inspector Tool that was launched earlier this year. To recall, the search engine giant’s offering aims to provide GPU drivers to improve the gaming experience.


In case you are unaware, Qualcomm partnered with Google to bring updatable GPU drivers to various Android devices running compatible chipsets. These chipsets, at the time of the announcement, include Snapdragon 765, 855, 855, and 865.

With the new app, Samsung aims to bring the best gaming experience with improved performance.

Samsung’s Game Driver To Improve Graphic Performance

Just like with most new features or applications, the app is only compatible with the current-gen of Samsung’s flagship devices only. The list includes Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra along with Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. The app also works on the newly added Galaxy S20 FE. Since all these devices come in both Exynos with Mali GPU and Snapdragon with Adreno GPU, the app also comes in two versions.

Samsung might be testing the app with the flagship lineup and might soon bring the same to more devices down its portfolio. Also, the app works on only three games right now i.e. Black Desert, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Fortnite.

Having said that, we can expect the support to extend for more handsets and games in the coming months since Samsung has partnered with more than 50 game studios, publishers, tool developers, game engine companies, and GPU vendors.

Through the GameDriver app, Samsung will roll out hardware driver updates and bug fixes to the devices. All of these will be done via Play Store so there is no need to release a full-fledged firmware version. For the supported games, Samsung will also roll out performance updates and stability improvements through the app.

Both the version of the GameDriver app is up for download via Google Play Store.

Negative Feedbacks From Few Users

While GameDriver claims to improve the graphics performance of Galaxy devices, few users who downloaded the app reported otherwise. It looks like the app is reducing the performance and making the phone randomly reboot. If that’s really the case, then we expect Samsung to roll out a patch update anytime soon.



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