Instagram has started rolling out its latest feature that lets users go live with up to three other people. Dubbed Live Rooms, it expands the scope of the existing Instagram Live feature whose duration recently got increased to 4 hours.

Instagram Live Rooms with 4 Participants

With the Live Rooms feature, a total of four users can participate in an Instagram Live session. And that is one host and three guests. Before now, the total number of users in Live sessions were two — one host and a single guest. As a result, the host had to terminate the session with the current guest in order to bring new guests to the discussion.

How To Use Instagram Live Rooms

Getting started with Instagram Live Rooms is quite straightforward. To begin with;

Instagram Live Rooms with 4 Participants 1
Image Credit: via XDA

1. You will have to create an Instagram Live session. You can do this from the ‘Live’ tab, which is accessible from the Create ‘+’ button. Alternatively, you can just swipe left from the home screen to access the Live tab.

2. Once you’ve opened the Live tab, add a title to the stream if necessary and tap on the Live button present at the bottom portion of the screen.

3. After starting the live session, tap on the Rooms icon to invite other participants. According to Instagram, you can either add all three guests simultaneously or choose to add other guests later.


The Instagram Live Rooms feature is now available in Indonesia and India. The company is planning to expand this feature to more regions in the nearest future.



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