MTN Ayoba Social Bundle Launched For Ayoba Messaging App

In a bid to deliver a bold new digital world to its teeming customers, MTN introduced an instant messaging platform, called Ayoba. It is a free instant messaging app currently available for download on Android devices (OS devices to come later). To this extent, the mobile operator has introduced a bundle plan called MTN Ayoba Social Bundle.

Ayoba App

All You Should Know About MTN Ayoba Social Bundle

What is MTN Ayoba Social Bundle?

Ayoba Social Bundle is an event based data bundle that allows customers to enjoy access to all their favourite contents including chatting, video calling, downloading, etc. on Ayoba application at unbeatable rates.

Who is eligible for this offer?

All MTN customers who are having Ayoba app installed on their phones are eligible to enjoy the Ayoba Social Bundle.

How do I access Ayoba Social Bundle?

To access the bundle, simply dial *131*3*4# on your mobile phone and select your preferred plan. See table below for details.

Can I subscribe to Ayoba Social Bundle through SMS?

Yes, you can. Simply send the keyword of your preferred Ayoba bundle plan to 131.

See table below for the full list of Ayoba Bundles with the activation keyword for the different plans.

Can I access all social media apps with the MTN Ayoba Social Bundle?

No, but you can access other social apps including Ayoba App if you subscribe to All Social Bundle plans. Simply dial *131″3*5# and select your preferred plan OR send the keyword of your preferred All Social Bundle to 131.

Can I have access to all contents on Ayoba app if I buy the Ayoba Social bundle?

Yes, you would only be able to browse textual and pictorial contents, play videos and download contents with the bundle.

How much is the Ayoba Social bundle?

The subscription charges are as follows.

Ayoba Social Bundle Price:

  • Daily plan – N25
  • Weekly plan – N5O
  • Monthly plan – N150

Will my subscription be bundled with data allowance?

Yes but fair usage policy applies as follows.

Ayoba Social Bundle Size:

  • Daily plan – 25MB
  • Weekly plan – 5OMB
  • Monthly plan – 1S0MB

Will I receive the data allowance on every subscription to the bundle(s)

Yes, you will receive data allowance on every subscription to the Ayoba Social bundle.

If I have an existing data bundle or bonus and subscribe to Ayoba Social Bundle, which data will deplete first while browsing?

You will be charged first from your Ayoba Social Bundle data allowance, then any active data bonus before charging from your data bundle.

How do I check my Ayoba bundle balance?

To check balance, dial *131*4# or send 2 to 131.

Will I have to re-subscribe to the same bundle(s) before my subscription expires?

If you activate the bundle on auto-renew, your subscription will be auto renewed on the day of expiry as long as you have enough airtime, and you will receive a notification message before renewal and after renewal.

Will I be able to roll over my unused Ayoba Social bund data allowance?

Yes, you will be able to auto-renew the bundle when you have sufficient balance and your unused data will be rolled over

How do I stop automatic renewal of any of the social bundles?

You can stop autorenewal by sending NO+keyword for each bundle plan e.g. NOABD to 131 for Ayoba Social daily plan.

See table below for full list:


Bundle Type Plan Price (₦) Volume (MB) Apps Activation SMS to 131 Opt-in Autorenewal SMS to 131 Opt-Out Autorenewal SMS to 131 USSD Activation
Ayoba Social Bundle Ayoba Bundle Daily 25 25 Ayoba App ABD RABD NOABD *131*3*4#
Ayoba Bundle Weekly 50 50 ABW RABW NOABW
Ayoba Bundle Monthly 150 150 ABM RABM NOABM


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