Apple recently launched the iPhone 12 series and currently, all four models are now on sale. However, a lot of issues regarding the iPhone 12 series keeps trending. Initially, there were reports of disappearing signals on the iPhone but the company has since resolved that. Subsequently, reports of missing messages and message notifications on the iPhone 12 started emerging. Earlier this week, some users reported that the iPhone 12 had a green screen problem. It is not an isolated case as it appears to be widespread.

iPhone 12 Users Complains Of Screen Issues display turns green

Apple’s customer service has acknowledged the reports and the company is currently checking and dealing with this problem. The current preliminary reason for this problem is that it is a system and software issue. This means that it will be “easy” to handle. If it were an issue with the hardware, then Apple may have been forced to recall the devices which is much difficult.

Apple’s acknowledgment shows that some iPhone 12 displays are showing flickering, green, or gray light. There are also causes with other weird colors appearing under certain conditions.

Currently, many people want to know if their iPhone 12 is susceptible to the green screen issue. As we all know, this is not the first time Apple has had a “green screen” phenomenon,. However, the former case was due to certain defects in the LG Display.

iPhone 12 Users Complains Of Screen Issues display turns green 2

How To Check If Your iPhone 12 Also Has The “Green Screen Issue”

Well, there is a simple way you can know if your device has the “green screen” issue. Go to a low-light environment and adjust the brightness of the phone to the lowest. Then turn on non-pure black low contrast apps such as WeChat. In these settings, even if the “green screen” issue is mild, it will show. No matter how insignificant the “green screen” issue is, you have to get a fix as soon as Apple releases it. This is because it will most likely get worse as you continue to use the device.

Are Display Suppliers Responsible For The “Green Screen” Issue?

The iPhone 12 series uses displays from two South Korean display makers – Samsung and LG Display. Although there are reports that the probability of a green screen on LG’s display screen is somewhat higher, there is no substantial proof to this claim. So far, iPhone 12 screens from both Samsung and LG seem to have this issue.

However, we can query the screen information of the iPhone through tools such as Aisi Assistant. The screen code displayed by Samsung is G9N/G9P, and the screen code of LG Display is GVC/GH.


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