Instagram’s Threads was launched as a camera-centric app for you to stay in touch with your close friends but eventually evolved to let you message everyone on the platform. The Facebook-owned company has now rolled out a redesigned version of Threads that introduces a new Status tab in the bottom navigation bar among other changes.

Thread by Instagram.

Though Threads has long offered the option to set and even auto-update statuses, the experience wasn’t really coherent from an average social media user’s perspective. With the new Status tab, the user experience has become more straightforward, which could result in increased usage of the feature.

In addition, Threads now lets you view both Threads statuses and Instagram stories without even having to install the primary Instagram app. The app prioritizes stories from close friends and lists updates from the rest of them below in an ‘Everyone Else’ section.

Threads Gets A Status Tab With Stories Integration
Status Tab on Instagram’s Threads

Threads has also gained the option to let you update Instagram Stories. You can update Instagram Stories from Threads by capturing or choosing media from the camera interface. According to TechCrunch, this feature started rolling out alongside the expansion to message everyone and is now widely available to all Threads users.

If you’re not a huge fan of the recent Messenger-Instagram Direct integration that brings a lot of fancy features such as selfie stickers, chat themes, message reactions, and vanish mode, Threads is your friend. It offers a clean layout, comes with elegant themes & snazzy animations, and is arguably the best way to take a break from Instagram without really losing touch with your friends and loved ones.

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