In a bid to encourage its who are still using 3G SIMs to upgrade to 4G SIMs and experience a faster 4G LTE network, the self-acclaimed grandmaster of data, Globacom has unveiled data gifts for the upgrading subscribers on the network. This data gifts includes a whooping free 10GB data.


According to mobile operator, 25% extra data on subsequent data purchases, ranging between N500 and N5000 for the next 6 months, and a one-off 10 GB free data await subscribers who successfully upgrade from 3G SIM to 4G SIM.

This means that if you are still using a 3G Glo SIM, walk into any Glo experience store, Glo world, and Glozone across the country and perform a SIM swap to 4G and you’ll be given free 10GB data usable on any devices.

About The 10GB Free Data

According to Globacom,

“The validity of the 25 percent extra data will be determined by the data bundle purchased by the customer, while the 10 GB free data will be valid for 7 days.”

As a subscriber, your tariff plan will not be affected by the upgrade, rather you will enjoy all benefits due to the 4G SIM upgrade as well as the benefits of their preferred tariff profile.


Earlier in May this year, MTN NG promised the same 10GB free offer to all MTN subscribers still on 3G network SIM to upgrade to 4G SIM, but it appears the offer is no longer available to MTN subscribers.

Share your thought and experience with us in the comment if you are still using Glo 3G SIM.

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