Google will be rolling out a major update to its YouTube app on both platforms – Android and iOS, starting today. The update brings new functionalities, simplified UI and more importantly, gestures.

Now users can enter and exit full-screen mode more intuitively. By swiping down on a playing video, the latter rotates into landscape mode and enters full-screen. To minimize the video, you just swipe down.

The close captions button is no longer hidden in the three-dot menu and instead is now visible directly on the overlay menu. The same goes for the autoplay button. Both are now easier to reach while other buttons have been re-arranged for even more polished navigation.

The recently introduced Video Chapters feature on desktop is now making its way to the YouTube app too. It shows a list of all the chapters in a video along with a thumbnail preview for each chapter so you can navigate easily.

To further improve the navigation experience, new suggested actions are also included prompting you with a message to rotate your phone or play the video you are watching in VR. More suggested actions are coming in the near future, Google says.



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