Following its recent introduction of search filters and anonymous group admins last month, Telegram is rolling out a new update (version 7.2.0). The update brings very useful features such as multiple pinned messages, live location alerts, and more.

Multiple Pinned Messages

Pinning messages on Telegram is an efficient way to make sure that everyone in the group notices an important piece of communication. However, there might be times when there are multiple pin-worthy messages, which is why Telegram now supports multiple pinned messages.

Multiple Pinned Messages

You can tap on the top bar to navigate between pinned messages or tap the button present to the right to view all pinned messages on a separate page. With this update, Telegram also supports pinned messages on individual private chats.

Live Location Alerts

Telegram is improving its live location feature in this update. Going forward, you can set up alerts to notify you whenever your friend is close. In addition, the icon on the live location map will also show the direction in which they are facing, which should be convenient to easily navigate and meet them.


Live Location Alerts

Media Grouping

Much like images, Telegram now automatically groups multiple songs you send together as a playlist. This way, you can easily play and forward them to your friends. In fact, when you play one of the songs, other songs on the list will be automatically queued.

Media Grouping on Telegram

Apart from these major changes, Telegram has added the ability to view statistics of individual posts in your channel, including a list of public channels where your post was shared. The company has also introduced new animations for sending messages and switching songs on Android, along with more animated emojis.

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Telegram 7.2 is now available on both Android and iOS. You can update the app via Google Play Store or App Store from the links given below.

Download Telegram (Android, iOS)



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