The Stadia game streaming service has the ability to work over a mobile network as the feature advanced from Experimental status to ready for action. User can find a toggle in the Performance settings but firstly, you need to be aware of a couple of caveats.

Data Consumption With Capped 720p

You will need a tune of 2.7GB data within an hour for a capped resolution at 720p. That can easily blow through many people’s monthly data caps, but is still much less than 1080p uses – 12.6 GB an hour.

This works over 4G and 5G, as long as you can get a stable connection. You will need to connect the Stadia controller to your phone either over Bluetooth or with a cable (normally, the controller uses its own Wi-Fi connection).

Anyway, once you enable playing over mobile data, you’ll see a new icon on the main screen, so you know you’re using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi.



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