Microsoft has recently been recently rebranding its products and services by adding its own name. Some good examples include Microsoft Store, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Teams. In addition to these products the Redmond-based company has in a blog post announced a similar branding for its search engine called Microsoft Bing along with new logos.

Bing logo

According to Microsoft’s official post (via The Verge), its search engine will now be called Microsoft Bing. The company will be using two logos for it from now onward. The changes are already live on

One of the two logos is an iterative update to the previous logo – “the Bing b”. The second one contains Microsoft logo along with “Microsoft Bing” text in Segoe typeface, which is widely used by the company.

The company says that it has integrated Microsoft branding to Bing because its search engine powers search functions in a number of Microsoft products such as InPrivate search in Microsoft Edge, quick searches in Windows taskbar, search in Microsoft 365, and more.

However, we don’t buy this pitch as the company has been adding Microsoft branding to its products for a few years now. Anyway, it will still be called only “Bing” by most people.


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