Gmail Go Can Now Be Downloaded On Any Android Phone

Google‘s Gmail is one of the many apps that has a lighter version designed for smartphones with low-end specs. The app is called Gmail Go and is specifically designed for phones running on Android Go edition of the Android operating system. The company has now made the app available to more phones.

Google has now released the Gmail Go app on the Play Store and it is available for every Android device to download and use without restrictions.

The app provides the same email experience as the full-fledged Gmail app but it doesn’t have some of the heavy visual elements that are found on the Gmail app. Also, it is not integrated with Google Meet as the “Meet” button at the bottom of the screen is absent. Also, the overall aspect of the app is slightly “cleaner” in the sense that it doesn’t make use of shadows.

You can download the Gmail Go app on the Google Play Store at the moment but do note that you may not find it appealing if you are used to the full-fledge app. Also, if you are having issues with RAM management, this app can come in useful to free up some RAM space on your phone.</p>

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