Xiaomi Phone With Under-display Cam a Phone Appears In A Hand-On Video

Xiaomi has for sometimes been seriously preparing to launch a smartphone with an under-screen selfie camera but we were not not expecting so soon. According to the recent leak, the first smartphone with such design will be announced sometime between October and November. And the phone itself looks quite familiar.

As seen in the video above, the back is pretty identical to the newly released Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra so the company might be planning to release a version of the Ultra with under-screen camera. Quite oddly, the person handling the device in the video didn’t turn on the selfie camera and there could be three reasons for this.

First, the person making the video wants to remain anonymous. Secondly, this is still a prototype and something isn’t working properly. And thirdly, it’s a fake. Although, we can’t see any clear indications that this is an edited video. Of course, the info that the handset is expected to come out in one to two months’ time could be wrong as well. Xiaomi said that its first phone with the tech will hit the streets no earlier than 2021.

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