Xbox Series S Commercial Reveals 1440p 120FPS Gaming, Coming On Nov. 10

Yesterday, Microsoft officially showed off the upcoming console in the “Xbox Series” family of consoles, complete with its $299. While the internet remains torn between whether it looks good, or like a washing machine (it does!), a promotional video for the console now out with some revelations.

Xbox Series S Commercial Reveals 1440p 120FPS Gaming, Ray Tracing, and More

The promotional video for the Xbox Series S showcases the Series S’s features. Based on the commercial, the Xbox Series S will come with 1440p gaming support. That’s pretty great for the $299 price it’s set at.

Xbox Series S features

What’s more, compatible games will run 1440p at 120 frames per second, so you can expect ultra smooth gameplay on compatible tiles. Plus, there’s support for DirectX Ray Tracing. Along with that, you get variable rate shading, variable refresh rates, 4K upscaling and more.

Moreover, the commercial mentions that the console is the “smallest Xbox ever, and is 60 percent smaller than the” Xbox Series X. So don’t worried about the space it will occupy in your entertainment center, well, if you could fit your Xbox One there, this will fit in easily as well.

The part that raises some concern in my eyes is the storage. The commercial mentions 512GB storage on the console. However, today’s games consistently cross the 100GB size, which means this storage will run out fairly quickly on the Series S. It’s unclear if the Series S will have an expansion port similar to the Series X’s but I sure hope so. Watch the video below;

The commercial ends with the “Coming November 2020” screen, and according to a recent report from Windows Central, both the Series S and Series X will come out on November 10. Hopefully, we will get more official information on this front soon.

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