The Android 11 OS was announced earlier this month and it was made available to Pixel devices on September 8. Smartphone manufacturers like OnePlus, Realme, OPPO, and Xiaomi have released beta versions of Android 11 OS for some of their smartphones. The Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 that are expected to be launched later were believed to come with preinstalled with Android 11 OS. However, a few hours before the announcement, vivo has confirmed through a press release that the vivo V20 is the first smartphone that comes with preinstalled.

vivo v20 launched

According to the PR, the newly unveiled V20 lineup will run on Android OS, which indicates that the vivo V20, vivo V20 Pro, and vivo V20 SE are all equipped with the latest Android OS. However, the official product pages of the three phones show that the vivo V20 Pro and vivo V20 SE are still running on FunTouch OS 11 based Android 10 OS and the vivo V20 has Android 11 with FunTouch OS 11 overlaid on it.

The PR further states that vivo plans to offer the V20 series with Android 11 in succession, which indicates that the V20 SE and V20 Pro could be soon treated with the Android 11 update.

vivo v20 launched

According to XDA Developers, the V20 that has a model number of V2025 is the Device Catalog of the Google Play Console. The listing states that its SDK version is 30, which indicates its loaded with Android 11 OS. Moreover, an unboxing video by an Indonesian YouTuber also confirmed that the device is running on Android 11 OS. Considering that the phone will receive two OS upgrades, it appears that the vivo V20 will be treated with Android 12 and Android 13 OS updates in the future.


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