Vivaldi Web Browser Update Brings A Break Mode, Helps You Maintain Work-Life Balance

Are you thinking of taking a break from various online dramas? Then, no worries as the new version of the Vivaldi‘s web browser is for you.

The latest version of Vivaldi 3.3 comes with an inbuilt break mode. With this, the entire browser will get paused. It stops HTML5 audio and videos, hides all tabs, panels, and other content in the browser. Vivaldi recommends using Break mode for hitting the right work-life balance, hiding private content, and shifting focus away from the browser.

Vivaldi Web Browser Update Brings A Break Mode

Without a daily change of location and defined office hours, many people have a tough time dividing their personal and professional time.

Enter “Break Mode” from Vivaldi, a new feature to help you unplug. You can now “take a break” and put the Internet on pause to focus your attention elsewhere.

When activated break mode “pauses and mutes HTML5 audio and videos, and hides all tabs, panels,” and other content leaving the screen clean.

How to Activate Break Mode on Vivaldi Browser v3.3

The feature is triggered by a new pause button at the left corner of the Status Bar, using a Vivaldi Quick Command, or by pressing the ctrl +. keyboard shortcut.

To go back to the digital world, you can simply “unpause” “break mode”  everything will be visible again and audios/videos will restart.

Other New Features Added

  • New Private Window theme
  • Cropping of the URL in the Address Bar
  • Base domain highlighting
  • Drag & Drop Speed Dials to folders
  • Tracker blocking improvements
  • Chromium 85.0.4183.84
Vivaldi Web Browser Update Brings A Break Mode
Vivaldi 3.3 Brings New Private Window theme

You can download it directly from the Vivaldi website. Let us know if you are using the browser.

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