The leading telecommunication network service provider, MTN has introduced a solution called MTN Healthcare Suite. This offers hospitals and other healthcare service providers ability to engage their patients where physical interaction is difficult or not possible. By making it possible for hospitals to zero rate their websites an apps, offering intelligent calling services and providing shareable data.

MTN XtraValue

The Three Packages on MTN Healthcare Suite are;

1. The Caller Package: Virtual Receptionist + Intra Business Calling

a) Virtual Receptionist (Call Assist) – This is a cloud-based interactive Voice Response service that allows subscribers to automatically configure the management of incoming calls, directing patients callers to the relevant doctors or departments. The Call Assist makes it easy for patients to access the relevant doctors in an efficient professional and organize manner.

b) Intra Business Calling (CUG): This service makes it possible for doctors, nurses and other hospital staff to call each other for a fixed monthly fee. This ensures that hospital staff never have to worry about airtime as they discharge their essential duties.The minimum number of lines required for this service is 10 lines. Intra Business also comes along with bonus SMS.

2. Sponsored Data Package: Zero rated Websites and Apps + Data Sharing

a) Zero rate Websites & Apps: Sponsored Data service enables enterprise customers zero rate their website and apps so that their patients and others can access their website and apps without the need for data

How it Works
  • The hospital purchase one of our wholesale data bundles
  • The purchased data bundle is allocated to the hospital website/apps in order to sponsor the data usage of visitors to the website/apps
  • This means patients and anyone can visit the hospital website and use the apps without worrying about data, their data has been sponsored by the hospital. The hospital can predefine beneficiaries of this service as well as set limits for how much data is allocated to visitors to the site or users of the app.

b) Data Sharing: With the data sharing capability that comes along with this package, hospitals can purchase wholesale data bundles and share among doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

3. All in one Package

This is a combination of all the features in caller package and Data package

Customers can contact 09062546971 or send an email to and an Account Partner will be available to assist.


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