LG is an innovative company and has proven that over the years despite its smartphone business struggling in recent times. In its bid to relaunch its smartphone business, we have seen the South Korea company release a host of new smartphones in the mid-range and budget segment. But what has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts is definitely the LG Wing.

LG Wing dual screen in use

The Wing smartphone is a dual phone with a design like we have never seen before. The top display has a swivel which can rotate to an angle of 90-degrees. This is the main highlight of the phone and it would be interesting to see how that works from the inside. Zack Nelson of the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has given us the opportunity to see the internals of the premium smartphone.

One of the noticeable thing about the Wing is the presence of some level of water and dust protection but there is no IP rating. The phone’s pop-up camera system is basically the same as that of others.

However, the major highlight of the device is definitely the rotating screen. The swivel design brings along some unique challenges. LG utilised a kind of lubricated plastic to ensure the swivel moves smoothly. Also, the two halves are slightly concave creating a void, which prevents any dirt and sand getting caught between the halves from being dragged along and scratching the secondary display.

LG had earlier claimed that the swivel will survive at least 200,000 cycles. The mechanism itself uses an O-shaped hinge that allows a ribbon cable to pass through the middle and power the main display.

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One spring helps the top half fully rotate 90° when opening, then another spring helps you close the wing. Interestingly, there’s a tiny hydraulic damper that smooths out the motion.

You can check out the teardown video from above. Zack also promised to publish a durability test video soon. Watch out for that too.



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