How to Activate SIM Lock to prevent Hackers from accessing your SIM

With the rise in SIM hacking, it is important to protect your SIM card from being hacked. Activating SIM lock, will at least prevent hackers accessing your bank account and vital information attached to your SIM.

SIM Cards

Simply follow the simple guide below to prevent your SIM from being hacked.

For Android Devices

On your smartphone device homepage

Navigate and click on Settings

1. Scroll to select Security

2. Click on set up SIM Card LOCK

3. Click on the LOCK SIM card

4. Insert MTN default SIM Card PIN, 00000 (Airtel is 1111, Glo is 0000, 9mobile is 0000)

5. Tap on “Change SIM Card PIN” to change the default pin to your unique 4-digit pin

6. Confirm your 4-digit unique pin

7. Power off and on to check if SIM PIN is activated.

For iOS Devices

On your iOS device homepage

1: Navigate and click on Settings

2: Go to Mobile Data or Cellular

3: Click on SIM PIN

4: Activate SIM PIN

5: Insert MTN default SIM Card PIN, 00000

6: Immediately, change your SIM PIN from the default to a unique 4-digit SIM PIN known to you only.

7: Confirm your 4-digit Pin change

8: Power off and on to check if SIM PIN is activated.

Important Note:

The above process is only applicable if the PIN of the SIM has never been changed, except you know the recently changed PIN.

You will always receive a prompt to type in your SIM PIN each time you remove and insert your SIM into a device or you power on the device.

“If you mistakenly input a wrong PIN, and your SIM is requesting for PUK, input the right PUK if you have it“.

If you don’t know your PUK no, simply call your network provider, and it will be given to you. For MTN users, you can get it from MyMTN app.

It is advisable to retrieve your PUK number before attempting to use the SIM Lock feature.

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